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【Jewel in the Palace - 大長今 (2003)】【EP 71/71 Completed!】

Jewel in the Palace - 大長今 (2003)

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Title: AKA "Dae Jang Geum - 대장금"
Airing: September 15, 2003 – March 30, 2004
Genre: Historical fiction, drama, romance
Country of origin: South Korea
Episodes: 71
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese Hard Subs
Creator & Writer: Kim Yeong-Hyeon (Kim Young Hyun)
Producer: Lee Byung Hoon
Cast: Lee Young Ae, Ji Jin-Hee, Hong Ri-Na, Im Ho, Im Hyeon-Sik, Geum Bo-Ra, Yang Mi Hyeong, Gyeon Mi-Ri, Jo Kyeong-Hwan, Lee Hee-Do, Yeo Woon-kay, Park Yeong-Soo, Park Eun-Hye, & Park Jung-Sook

Synopsis/ Plot: (Credit to
During its original run in Korea, MBC's Dae Jang Geum TV mini-series achieved an amazing 54% ratings share, the highest viewer rating in Korean television history. A historical drama based on a true story, Dae Jang Geum tells the tale of Jang-Geum, the first woman to become the King's personal physician. In a time when women held little influence in society, young Jang-Geum (Lee Young-Ae of JSA and One Fine Spring Day) strives to learn the secrets of Korean cooking and medicine in order to cure The King of his various ailments. Facing tremendous odds, palace intrigue, and politics, she works her way to the top of the royal court with remarkable determination and wisdom. Dae Jang Geum makes it US debut on DVD with high-quality English and Chinese subtitles that capture all the fascinating details of the royal cuisine and ancient medicine of the 16th century. Co-starring Ji Jin-Hee (Love Letter), and full of stunning plot twists, this epic television event will have you rooting for "The Great Jang Geum!"

Theme Song
Ending Theme Song
Download Cantonese Theme Song
"Jewel in the Palace" by Kelly Chen
(陳慧琳 - "大長今") - Download Here!

Korean Version
The end of each episode of Dae Jang Geum features "Onara" sung by three Korean children, Gim Ji-hyeon (김지현 / 金智賢), Baek Bo-hyeon (백보현 / 白寶賢), Gim Seul-gi (김슬기 / 金露姬), who were elementary schoolers learning Korean classic music at the time. The Dae Jang Geum soundtrack album also features a slower version of the song sung by E Ahn (이안 / 李安) (real name: I Dong-hui [이동희 / 李冬熙]), a Korean traditional music singer who graduated from the Korean classical music department at Seoul National University.

Foreign Versions
"Onara" has several other versions that were used with Dae Jang Geum’s release outside of Korea. "Hope" (希望 Hèimohng) was the version sung by Kelly Chen in Cantonese for the Hong Kong release. "Baby" (娃娃 Wáwá) was sung by Angela Chang in Mandarin Chinese for the Taiwan release. "Calling" (呼唤 Hūhuàn) sung by Tang Can and "Hope" (希望 Xīwàng) sung by five winners of the Super Girl singing contest were among those used for the China release. Faith Cuneta sang an entirely different Tagalog song titled "Pangarap na Bituin" for the Philippines release.

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